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    Thrustmaster F-22 with F-16 TQS and Elite Rudder Pedals
    Thrustmaster F-16 FLCS with MkII with Elite Rudder Pedals
    Thrustmaster ProF-16 FLCS(with Digital Chip from Bob Church)

    Along with getting some of the older games working with Linux, I am hoping to get my Thrustmaster HOTAS setups working though gameports also. Windows seem to have claimed that gameports were “The Devil” (“Waterboy” reference) back with Windows XP. There were some workarounds getting them working on Vista and Windows 7 32bit, but they did require some trickery. So my first step is going to have to find a system where I can get the gameport working and then take it from there.

    The other thing with these are that you have to program them using “true DOS”. So I am going to try to dive into this project someday soon…

    On a side note, I have one of my F-16 FLCS joysticks with a Stickworks digital chip. I believe I also purchased a TQS chip but I didn’t have a TQS at the time. Now I have an F-220 Pro/TQS/Elite setup I would love to get to digital for my main Retro Gaming rig. I know Bob Church passed away years ago. His site has slowly lost views over time, but I am curious if anyone out there has any of these chips they would like to get rid of. It would be nice to find a way to copy them and then maybe send Mr. Church’s family some money for each copy produced. 😀

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