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    Posted by firmek in 2016 over at the ED Forums… Click Here for his post with images

    “You may try to re-download and reinstall both drivers and software – If I remember correctly while installing the drivers the pedals should not be connected.

    As for setting up the toe breaks:
    1. Run the Saitek Profile Editor from the tray menu

    2. On the Programming tab select select “Bands” for the left toe break. This will create 3 default bands for left toe: 0-33%, 33-67%, 67%-100%

    3. Place the mouse cursor in the grey area, below “Left Toe = Bands” title. Click on “Edit Bands” button.

    4. Click on “clear” icon – which is second to the left

    5. Click in the white area below “Left Toe 0%-100%” text. This will create a new band. Use slider to move the band up to create two bands 0-3% and 3%-100%. Click “OK”.

    6. Click inside the second band (3%-100%). This will show the cursor. Hit “W” key on the keyboard once. Accept by clicking on the green check box.
    (Creating 2 bands may not be needed but this was the only way I could make it working – maybe due to dead zones. Obviously you may chose other value than 3%).

    7. Repeat steps 3-6 for right toe break.

    8. Test the profile, pushing the left or toe break should mimic W key being pressed.

    9. Save the profile. Select it from the tray menu! Otherwise it will not work. You may also run a notepad. Stepping on left or right toe break should have the same result as holding W key.

    11. Run the game, make sure that “W” key is assigned for the wheel breaks.

    12. Open Axis configuration. Make sure that the pedals are assigned only to the rudder axis.

    The configuration is done separately for every aircraft. Obviously, if its possible to assign breaks under axis configuration above steps are not needed.”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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