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    Most people use computers in order to do work or to play games. There are some of us that are constantly playing around, but we tend to be in smaller quantities than the other two categories. However, one thing is common among all of the people that use computers, no one really ever needs or wants a bloated Operating System or Desktop. We have seen that with each upgrade, both of those tend to grow in size and require more horsepower to run. Sometimes, these are to make things run the games and work programs run smoother. Unfortunately, most of the time, the customer is forced to have spyware installed on their computer in order to actually run a game or program they purchased. Most of the companies will refrain from calling their little spying programs as “spyware” but that is exactly what they do. They collect data on the users and send the information back to the company where the company can then either utilize that information directly or sell that information. Just look at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, who have all had security issues concerning the data they have collected on you not to mention many others.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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