Multiple Installs w/ Separate Settings Folders using “dcs_variant.txt”

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    Creating Multiple Installs w/ Separate Settings Folders from One Source Install, using dcs_variant.txt

    Step 1, Open Notepad, Type a name for your main DCS Install, (ie MAIN) etc. save as dcs_variant.txt, Place the TXT File in your /DCS World/ Main folder.

    Step 2, Run DCS, Allow it to load to the main screen then choose exit,

    Step 3, Verify DCS_Variant is working correctly, Goto /<User Name>/ Saved Games Folder, and there should now be a new DCS folder, (ie DCS.MAIN), This folder will hold all the settings for your main install.

    Step 4, Copy and Paste your Main /DCS World/ Application folder, rename folder as you wish (ie /DCS World Open Beta/)

    Step 5, Open the dcs_variant.txt file in your copied DCS World folder, and change the name from MAIN to a different descriptive work (ie BETA), Save and close.

    Step 6, Run DCS from the Copied folder to the main menu, then exit.

    Step 7, Verify you have a new folder in the /Saved Games/ Folder for your copy (ie DCS.BETA)

    Repeat for as many builds you need.

    Once Each build has their own Saved Games/ Folder Setup, you can run the /Bin/dcs_updater.exe w/ command lines to change from Release to Open beta or Open Alpha, and different versions.


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