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    Reference: Falcon BMS VoiceAttack Profile (for AI comms)

    With everyone giving BMS a shot in anticipation of the big Hoggit event, I thought I’d share my VoiceAttack profile for dealing with AI comms when playing single player. I’ve seen a profile like this for DCS, but when I was looking for a BMS profile, I didn’t find one that was this complete (someone correct me if I’m wrong, would love to see other approaches people have taken for this). One big caveat and something to keep in mind: This assumes you have the default BMS key bindings for AI comms! If you’ve changed those, the profile will not work, and it’s not particularly easy to change. I’ve tried to think of easy ways to make that configurable but haven’t come up with anything yet.

    Download that and Import it in to VoiceAttack. It should be ready to go out of the box, but is open to customization. I’ve built the profile in the correct “VoiceAttack way”, using prefixes and suffixes to drive the interaction. This allows you to more easily build phrase flexibility in to the system. The prefixes are labeled with the Callsigns category, and this is where you can edit what callsigns call up which communication menu. Here are the defaults:

    flight = flight

    AWACS = sentry, magic

    tanker = tanker, texaco, shell

    tower = tower

    element = element, three

    wingman = wingman, two

    If you want to add new callsigns to a prefix, just find it in the profile editor (remember, category Callsigns), double click and a new callsign to the semi-colon separated list.

    The commands themselves should all map 1:1 with the menu text in the game, plus some short cut phrases. I won’t list all of those, I’ll let you discover them, but again adding your own shortcut phrases is easy. You shouldn’t have to play with the prefixes or menuing code all, just add a new phrase to the appropriate semicolon separated list. Please note there is some moderate “scripting” going on in this profile, to handle small differences between menus, so be careful if you mess with that part of it. It’s sort of the glue that holds it all together.

    Some examples that I use pretty regularly:

    magic request picture

    magic declare

    two form up

    two attack my target

    flight weapons free

    three go trail

    shell request fuel

    clear comms (clears any open comms menu you might have gotten to accidentally)

    Falcon BMS VoiceAttack Profile Archive on VWorld.US Google Drive

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