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    FXAA – An intelligent blurring of edges.

    SMAA – A slightly more intelligent blurring of edges.

    TAA/SMAA T2X – An even more intelligent blur that takes multiple frames into account to reduce aliasing further, particularly temporal aliasing.

    MSAA – Oversampling of edges, not just a simple blur. Far more demanding than any of the above.

    TXAA – Oversampling of edges combined with a temporal algorithm that takes multiple frames into account, as well as a wider tent resolve that reduces temporal aliasing while slightly softening the picture. Very cinematic look but often criticized for its softness.

    SSAA – Oversampling the entire screen. Extremely taxing brute force methods that works very well if you have the power.

    You can often use multi/super/oversampling in combination with one of the post process methods, which counteracts the detail loss from the blur.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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