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millibyte (Maha Guru) posted this over at

Drop the 15.12 dx10-12 driver dlls in your DCSworld/bin directory!8tlAhDyQ!2AkAQukJKAYuIWEzDTGtFA!l4FjhA7R

Make sure crossfire is enabled for applications without profiles. The last few drivers have removed this option from CCC, not sure about 16.2 as I haven’t installed them yet. You can use RadeonMod to enable this:

Go to UMD tab, near the bottom under Miscellaneous, set

Crossfire For Non Profile Apps Default 1
Crossfire For Non Profile Apps 1

Finally, make sure to press Alt+Enter to enable true full screen once in-game. Use MSI afterburner or RadeonPro to make sure that both GPU’s are being used. Scaling is actually pretty good as long as you aren’t CPU bound.

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